Thứ Năm, 7 tháng 9, 2017

CEO & President Pham Tan Nghia

First, dream big. Next, think about how you can realize your dream. Never give up on your dream even if it is hard to realize. No matter what kind of dream you may have, do not forget that you are a member of society and you should consider how you can contribute to society.

I spent my early life during the height of the Vietnam War. When I was 16 years old, I greeted the end of the war, but we did not have peace immediately. There was a shortage of daily goods as well as supplies for education and medical services. I was active and made every effort to learn. I think I was a born leader as I was class president from the first grade of elementary school to my last year in high school. I wanted to become an important person in society someday and contribute to my country. After I graduated from high school, I went on to an agricultural university on a national scholarship.
When I established the school, there were 30 staff members, including language teachers, and 300 students. Naturally, I had management difficulties. In those days, it was not so easy to invite English native speakers as instructors. Also, the diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and the U.S. was not as it is today.
At this point, I believe that I have been doing the right things. From now on, I would like to keep doing what I think is best. I want to keep telling Vietnamese students about foreign language education in the world.


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